Would you like us to come and perform in your church or other venue?
We have our own music stands and harpsichord. All we require is chairs (without arms) and space for about 15-20 players to be seated, and a fee of about £500, depending on distance to travel and works to be performed.
Any amount you raise above this you can use how you wish. We suggest a ticket price of £10-12 for a concert, which means that after the first 45-50 people, you make a profit!

Do you need an accompaniment for your choir?
We are also available to choirs seeking an historically informed Baroque accompaniment at modern or Baroque pitch. (A=415, ie. a semitone lower)
Fees are based on the number of players required and the length and difficulty of the work(s) to be performed. For example, to accompany Handel's Messiah the fee (assuming strings of 32221) would be in the region of £2,000.
We also play music from the Classical period on modern instruments, so you can include a more varied programme in your concert.
However, please note that it is impractical to play at different pitches within the same concert, so if Baroque instruments are desired, the whole concert needs to be at A415.